Polices & Procedures

Warranty Policy
Rosebud Wood Products offers a one year warranty against defective materials and workmanship on the cabinet box construction and finish to the original buyer. Drawers, roll trays and hinges are warranted for lifetime to the original buyer. Warranty can be extended to 5 years by completing the 5 Year Residential Warrant Form.

Wood joints will open and close with season changes or humidity levels. Opening joints are not a sign of joint failure and are not warranted. Wood joint weakening or breakage is considered joint failure and is warranted.

Any such product found to be defective as a result of fault manufacturing will be replaced in whole, or parts thereof, but no labor costs or other consequences shall be allowed.

Rosebud shall not be liable for any delay or failure in delivery or shipment of products, or for any suffered by reason of such delay or failure when such delay or failure is directly due to fire, riots, accidents, embargoes, labor stoppages, inadequate transportation facilities, shortages of materials or supplies regulated by government authority, or inability to obtain suitable or sufficient labor or raw materials.

All shipments are F.O.B. Madison, South Dakota. The responsibility of the manufacturer ceases upon delivery of goods in good condition to transportation companies, and all goods are shipped at consignees risk.

Merchandise is not to be returned to Rosebud with out proper written authorization form the Customer Service Department.

This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied and is non-transferable.

Order Policy
All orders must be received on a current Rosebud Order Form or a Rosebud supported form of electronic data transfer.

All orders must be mailed or faxed to Rosebud. We will not accept phone orders. Our toll-free fax number is: 1-800-356-3842.

Always include a layout with your order. While we will not be held responsible for incorrect measurements, we do review your plans for any obvious errors. It is the dealer’s responsibility to list the cabinets and accessories correctly.

Special cabinets, those that do not appear in our catalog, must have a detailed drawing, including dimensions, submitted with the order.

When reviewing your order Rosebud will make every effort to correct missing or unreadable information. Customers should be aware that these types of orders may affect the lead-time and promptness of order entry.

Lead-Time/Delivery Schedule
Rosebud’s lead-time is defined as build in three weeks, and ship in the fourth week. This schedule is subject to change. We will communicate these changes with dealers as soon as possible.

Your confirmation will indicate an expected ship date. You can expect that your order will be shipped within the week confirmed.

Service Policy
Defective Materials: Cabinets, doors, drawers and drawer fronts will be replaced on a RUSH basis. Replacements will be invoiced and credit issued upon return and inspection verifies the claim of defect. Grain and color differences between parts of a cabinet are NOT considered a defect.

Defective Finish: Any complaint regarding finish must be received in writing, fully explaining the nature and extent of the problem. If field repair is expected, no repairs or rework must be done without prior approval confirmed in writing from our Customer Service Manager. An inspection by a factory representative may be called for. We reserve the option of approving field repair, or arranging for return to the factor for refinish or replacement. Replacement material will be invoiced and appropriate credit issued upon return of the defect item and our inspection verifies the complaint.

Defective Drawer Guides, Hinges and Hardware: Replacement parts will be shipped immediately upon request at NO CHARGE. Return of the defective material will not be required except where large quantities are involved.

Warped Doors: Experience has shown that some cabinet doors may warp a small amount soon after installation. In new construction this is because the cabinets pick up moisture from green concrete, plaster or sheetrock taping, latex paint, etc. The house should dry out during the first heating season and any slightly warped doors will straighten out. In remodeling older homes, doors will sometimes warp slightly as the cabinets adjust to the humidity in the house. In the winter-time the relative humidity in older homes may be extremely low, therefore, to help prevent warping problems, cabinet doors should be allowed to STAND OPEN for a few days, so they can adjust to the new environment. A stable humidity content of 35%-65% in the cabinet area must be maintained to have the product warranted.

To be considered warranty, warped doors must be allowed to hang through three seasons before no charge replacement will be considered. Warranty does not apply for improper use, handling or finish on the part of the customer. Replacement doors will be invoiced and appropriate credit issued when original doors are returned and inspection verifies the warped condition.

Doors returned because of warping will be checked by our factory inspector on a perfectly flat surface. Doors that are warped less than the acceptable 1/4″ tolerance will not be considered for replacement.

Freight Charges: Freight charges incurred due to defective materials will be assumed by Rosebud. Replacement material covered in this policy will be sent to the customer “prepaid”. Returned material from customers must also be sent “prepaid”. No collect shipments will be accepted. If the inspection determines factory error, credit for the material, as well as the return freight will be issued.

All orders will be confirmed via FAX. Please review the order confirmation promptly. Standard lead time orders have two days to make changes. It is the responsibility of the dealer to inform us if a confirmation has not been received within the two days of transmitting the order to Rosebud.