Ordering Guidelines

The first step in placing a cabinet order is to complete a Rosebud Order Form. Complete the form using the information you have gathered from the Rosebud Price Catalog & Reference Guide. Remember to include your Purchase Order number or job reference name and order date, in the top right corner. Also remember identify the designer by signing the order form in the lower left corner. This is necessary so we can more easily direct questions if necessary.

This order form is then to be sent to Rosebud via fax at 1-800-356-3842 or 1-605-256-3842

At this point, your order is reviewed by Rosebud’s order entry department for accuracy. We must be able to get all the information required to accurately manufacture your cabinetry from your order form. If you gave us incomplete information, your cabinetry will be incomplete or inaccurate as well. If there are obvious errors or omissions in the order, you will be contacted by Rosebud for clarification.

An Order Confirmation is then sent to you via fax or e-mail. This confirmation is a way to minimize errors. What you see on this confirmation is what we interpreted from your order form. This confirmation will only do its job if you do yours, by taking the time to review it carefully. You have two working days to make changes to orders that have a Normal Production delivery date and no changes can be made to Rush orders.

If you have questions about your confirmation, please contact Customer Service right away. If you place an order and haven’t seen a confirmation within 24 hours, please call to be sure we received it.